Projects: Public Access & Activities

It’s important to the Conservancy to allow continued—but controlled—public access to the land comprising Kickapoo Acreage. Community events and special public projects foster education and exchange and serve as demonstrations to others regarding their own land. By application, individuals and groups, including classes, are invited to use the Acreage to their interests in safe and sustainable ways.

For more than 50 years, the Ogle County Trail Riders Association’s “Stronghold Ride” has chosen the Acreage as its location to encamp and ride on the land for one weekend a year. This organization is open to all and regularly exceeds 200 riders. The outing is the only public opportunity to ride on "The Stronghold".

The Foundation intends to maintain activities like the “Stronghold Ride”—precisely the type of "natural", non-degrading use it wishes to encourage—and develop other public use activities, including high school or college "inventory of the land" tours focused on geology, flora and fauna.

Over time, more formal public uses are expected.