Projects: Energy Generation & Conservation

Kickapoo Dwelling implements three energy generation systems. The passive solar Trombe wall is inextricably intertwined with the residence and its construction, functioning as a very large internal wall of the residence intended to generate a significant portion of the space heating requirements "automatically" without further action of the occupants.

The other two systems (an integrated wind turbine and solar photovoltaic array) are heavily instrumented. A formal university study is being sought to ascertain how each (and both together) in practice over time actually function, as compared to the power generation and cost payback estimates in the Alternative Energy Master Plan, commissioned prior to construction.

Insulation is a critical component of energy conservation. Kickapoo Dwelling not only incorporated excellent recycled insulation (shredded newspaper and cardboard) but installed double-paned windows which dramatically reduced hear loss (winter) and heat gain (summer).

Kickapoo Center will be a continuation of the original effort with construction of the meeting area involving an integration of three major systems as a model for super energy efficient, affordable residential construction.