Basics: Overview

Established in the summer of 2001 by Kent & Kathy Lawrence, Kickapoo Mud Creek Nature Conservancy helps preserve a natural area of Oregon, Illinois in the Mud Creek watershed and aims, in part, to demonstrate a successful synergy between nature and technology. On this site we will use the term “Kickapoo” when referring to the overall project, “Foundation” when referring to the not-for-profit organization, and “Conservancy” when referring to the land and its management. was created to attract and educate visitors and partner organizations as well as inspire sustainable development and advance nature conservation.

We hope to offer a fresh perspective, conversational exchange and an engaging experience where individuals—ranging in experience levels and interests—can connect directly with Kickapoo’s values, history, projects and resources.

Providing access to Kickapoo's latest Projects, as well as pertinent news via our favorite RSS feeds, works to ensure our site is inspiring, informative and proof that everyday citizens can build homes and live in balance with the environment—without sacrificing aesthetics or quality of life.

We want to demonstrate existing possibilities in the most responsible and transparent way in order to help educate and encourage others. Our Resources offer links to many organizations with complementary interests as well as downloadable documents, publications and articles. In the Gallery you will find photos of the Conservancy, Kickapoo Dwelling and Kickapoo Center.