Acreage: Present

Envisioning the development of several multi-year Projects, a sustainable demonstration residence, and continued open access by the public, the founders desired to have their objectives carried out in perpetuity. They, therefore, established the Foundation. The Foundation, together with the active participation of long-time area residents, ensures Kickapoo’s future.

As part of the original purchase in 2001, the Lawrence’s negotiated for an additional five acres on the rolling cropland on the south side of the property to allow access to the main acreage without entering at the creek level. This acreage would become the first reprairitization of the Conservancy. The acquisition of the additional five acres helped avoid the destruction of the bottomland due to road building and other development.

Currently, 59 of the original 60 acres are  either being maintained via the existing  use of grazing or undergoing re-naturalization. This ongoing process involves controlled burns, the removal of nonnative plants, the reinvigoration and reintroduction of plants native to the Tall Grass Prairie and the preservation of many of the old and substantial oaks, hickories and other trees. The remaining acre houses Kickapoo Dwelling, a demonstration residence—privately built and paid for—serving as a model of practical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly residential construction. In 2008 an additional 1.3 acres—contiguous to the south end of the conservancy—was acquired on part of which Kickapoo Center would be built.